Kawaii Crafter
Hi kawaii fans, I'm Malaysian independent crafter, yarn tester, pattern designer, web programmer, craft book author, Web Geek, Mac Mad, Youtube addict & a full time blogger. I am actually proud to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my children as well as to my house duties. I love being able to find time for my crafting, my freelancing and my volunteering because I make my own schedule and fit it all in. I've been crafting since December of 2002, and I crafting all the time and crocheting professionally for a several years. I'm very much appreciate all comments and emails. It's being nice to knows people who love the crafts that I made.
Blog: http://pinkyfrogshop.blogspot.com
❥ Lina A.R ⎝≧⏝⏝≦⎠

Amigurumi Crafter
Hello crafter lovers.I'm Malaysian independent crafter, mother of three who is suffering from OCD (obsessive Cullen disorder) and severe addict to yarns, chocolate, books, hooks and kawaii stuffs and love to read, cook, sew or anything that by all mean of doing something to keep out the insanity.
Blog: http://sue-mindnsoul.blogspot.com/
❥ Seri Sue ☼.☼

Happy Crafter
Hello crafter lovers, My name is Dhiacoco. I'm  5 years old. I love doodling, crafting, gardening, making silly faces, crying, love KFC, watching BoboiBoy, youtube addicted, fan, Iphone Game Geek, Android game lover.
- Dhiacoco doodling all the time and make a crafts during the school holidays.
Blog: http://dhiacoco.blogspot.com
❥ Dhia coco ( ='o'= )

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Malaysian Handmade Crafts- The Kawaii Geek. | Credit: Ariane