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Jahitan Crochet (Siri 1 - Level Asas). Terbitan: PTS Millennia Sdn Bhd KINI DIPASARAN . Mencuba hobi baru yang menyeronokkan . Semoga siri buku crochet ini, memberi inspirasi buat pembaca di luar sana menyedari DIY boleh menjana kewangan. Selamat bercrochet!

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HARGA: RM13.00
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Isi Kandungan Buku:
1. Alatan yang diperlukan
2. Teknik Asas Kait Crochet
3. Mari Cuba Kait Crochet
4. Projek Mudah
  • Crochet Bentuk Segitiga
  • Crochet Bentuk Bulat
  • Crochet Bentk Hati
  • Crochet Zig Zag
  • Crochet Bentuk Pentagon
  • Crochet Bunga & Daun
  • Crochet Granny Square
  • Crochet Rama-Rama
  • Crochet Riben
  • Crochet Topi mudah saiz kecil
5. Idea & Inspirasi
6. Informasi

This book is suitable for readers who want to learn to crochet as a fun hobby. References are provided in the form of diagrams and simple steps in understand basic project together with the notes attached. In this book also provide tips that can be used to master the art of crochet crafts.

The reader can easily do the easy project provided. It start with a section show you the simple crochet stitches you'll need such as slip knot, chain, sc, hdc, dc.  Description and steps provided in the form of sentences and also in the form of a diagram symbol crochet hooks. Each project is provided out tips, tools of the craft used.
- Language : Malay.
- Published Date: June 2011.
- Craft Type: Crochet for Beginner.
- Book page: 70 pages.

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