Ideas: Pinkyfrogshop Craft Studio

Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to Pinkyfrogshop craft room. It's a small room where I spent most of my time with my little princess. This is a place where I do all my craft & art. Lots of creating has been done here.

I love my craft room. It's functional, cozy place and organized.
It is a spare bedroom at the center of the house.

I started from scratch to decor this room. It does not have a pretty new furniture in it, which would have been nice if I have. The desk which is from Ikea where I got it from As is Item. The material and supplies stored in a clear containers. Yarn and fabrics are organized in those plastic container & a round boxes. For storing thread I bought a thread rack which hold all my thread spools. Then I used a nice vintage bag from a second hand shop as a place for my cat to zzZZ.

Over the year,crafting has been the best therapy for me and perhaps you will find the same pleasure about it too. Hope you will enjoy your visit here at pinkyfrogshop.


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Malaysian Handmade Crafts- The Kawaii Geek. | Credit: Ariane