How do you organize your yarn?

Friday, October 22, 2010
Just a quick post, Every knitter/ crocheter has this problem. Frankly, Me has an entire craft room full of yarn. Usually it is difficult to neatly organize all of the supplies that I use.

I believe if you don't organize your craft supplies, yarn, hook etc, it can soon overwhelm you where you don't even enjoy your hobby.

I'd been keeping all my yarn in the big ikea storage clear container, some in a shopping bag and some in a big basket.
The important thing is that I will make sure that my yarn remains relatively free from a dust.

I used to have a nice organized stash and I try to keep my stash yarn organized in plastic bag or usually I put in a tin.

Then when I start to do a new project, I will take a few of it from the storage clear container, then put it in this Rainbow yarn bag that I made.

Color : Colorful.

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* PROUDLY MALAYSIAN. Please support local handmade products.

Material :Yarn 100% acrylic

Each item is knitted/ crocheted made with lots of care by mummyDhiacoco.


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