Baby Sakura Crochet Booties

Thursday, February 3, 2011
I made this special little princess baby booties a few days ago. It's a look like Mary Jane style booties. It's come with Honeysuckle, purple & white color.This is one of the original booties pattern that I have made before. It's suitable for a newborn baby and are great accessory for any take-me home outfit.

New soft
Baby Sakura Booties custom made. The perfect new baby gift is a
pair of deluxe hand-made booties. His toes will stay nice and cozy.

Note: Please check your child's measurements before purchasing.
Size: New Born- 3M. (3.25" / 8cm L)
Stock: 1

* PROUDLY MALAYSIAN. Please support local handmade products.

* All item are made to order and made with lots of care by mummy dhiacoco. Original Pattern from Pinkyfrogshop.

Color: Honeysuckle -purple - white (Click Picture for zoom mode).


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