Choose the right color for your crochet project.

Sunday, April 3, 2011
How to find the right colors for your crochet project? Would it be wonderful to know the actual color to mix. In fact, many  crocheter are  having problem by the time it takes to mix and  match color. Although the project that you want to do is a simple project such as beanie or a telephone case or a headband. But you can see the effect of colors give a such different.

If you ask me what's makes the different between the output of the project made. It's either the quality of the crochet project or simply just a bad color mixing technique.

Baby Zara with her Makcik Bunga Crochet Beanie.

Size: New Born. Fit head up to 13'
* PROUDLY MALAYSIAN. Please support local handmade products.
* All item are made to order and made with lots of care by mummy dhiacoco. 

* Original pattern by Pinkyfrogshop.

Color: Blue with Red Rose flower.(Click Picture for zoom mode).

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