Kipas "Save Toshi" Fan Crochet Kawaii

Friday, May 20, 2011
Kon'nichiwa Pinkyfrog friends.

The game is called Save Toshi. This is a based puzzler game. The mission is to guide a dancing girl aka Toshi san (Japanese pop-star) to a dancing floor platform without killing her or making her drown in the watery surroundings & fire at the blocks with the balls. It's really fun game for a kids. But for me it's very annoying coz she starts to dance. Unless she play with the sound turned off.

She's love this game a lot. So we buy the DX version. Every time she play the game, she keep asking me when can I make for her the head band & the gloves. Bla..bla.. bla..& I said to her, when you finish all the level (100 level) then I will make for you the Toshi costume headband & also the gloves. As usual she start dancing like an annoying Toshi.

Yesterday, I decided to make for her this annoying Toshi things. Yes, she's already finish the game 2 month ago. Ahak!. Jangan marah ya Dhiacoco. Mummy so busy. The blue color ( Level 3 version costume). Here's the pica. Macam Toshi san la. Now you can stop dancing dhiacoco.

Save Toshi Crochet Headband & Gloves.
Size: 4Y

PROUDLY MALAYSIAN. Please support local handmade products.
All item are made to order and made with lots of care by Pinkyfrog.

Nanti sambung celoteh lagi. Tee Hee!  (⌒ε⌒*).


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