❤ Thanks Animonsta Team & Boboiboy

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Dhia coco memang happy today ❤ sebab dapat DVD Boboiboy dari Animonsta. Terima kasih uncle Faszirul. Signature tu yang mahal tuh uncle. Agak-agak lagi 20 tahun, berapa harga nya kat Ebay.  ⎝≧⏝⏝≦⎠. Just kidding.

Boboiboy cartoon ni rasanya budak besar pon boleh layan. Cam teman ni. ahaha!. Baby kecik pon sekali layan la Boboiboy, mcm Zara Ceri tuh. Spot her from the picture.
( =’o'= )

Story about a boy name Boboiboy and his friends Yaya, Gopal &Ying as they go on an adventure and battle against this aliens called Adudu who have abnormally green square shaped heads and his assistant Probes who has crazy addiction to find a cocoa beans. Although they are superheroes, they are still kids who always find a way to have fun, helping Tok Aba and play games whilst upholding justice and doing good.
It's a coincident that Dhiacoco also crazy addiction to coco and her face look ceklat color. That's how her nickname came from. 

Thanks a lot Animonsta ❤ team, for making such a refreshingly funny & awesome superhero cartoon for my kids. You guys rock ✌.

Don't forget to watch Boboiboy cartoon series premiere on tv3 network on 26 Jun 2011 or Disney Channel on 18 Jun 2011.
Nanti sambung celoteh lagi. Tee Hee!. (⌒ε⌒*).

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