⊱✿ Bidding of the month (July2012) : Kru-kru bird Crochet Magnet.✿⊰

Monday, July 2, 2012
⊱✿ Bidding of the month (July2012) : Crochet Kru-kru bird Magnet.✿⊰
You are bidding a new
Crochet Kru-kru bird Fridge Magnet. (1 unit) Handmade with love By Pinkyfrogshop.
Item size: 6.5cm *4.5cm
Starting bid here:>> 10sen
Free shipping.

Open for Malaysian citizen. Free Shipping to Malaysia.
If you would like to place a bid simply leaves us a comment. ⊱✿ (PM di sini lah)
Before you place your bid, be sure you are happy with the item and that you are comfortable with the amount.
You may bid on any item as many times as you like.
Bidding activity will occur 03/July/2012 (Selasa) through 6 /July/2012(Jumaat) at 12.00 midnight.
Visit the page often to see if you have been outbid.
Winners will be announced here at Pinkyfrogshop FB after auction closes at midnight 7/July/2012(Sabtu daaa).
To out-bid anyone, your bid must increase minimum increase of 20 sen above previous bid.
Payment. If you are the winner, please make a payment within 7 days.
All sales are final! No exchanges or refunds on auction items are permitted. Happy Bidding!!! 

This items is made For fun activity with Pinkyfrogshop fan @ http://pinkyfrogshop.blogspot.com/ and http://danshariart.com/

Your Kawaii friend,
Lina A.R ⎝≧⏝⏝≦⎠

Kru-kru bird Crochet Magnet. sudah selamat sampai ke Nuin Nuraini - Kajang Selangor.

Terima kasih Nuin for the pictures.

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