㋡ Friendship Bracelet Kit. Gelang Persahabatan DIY. ㋡

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Senyum itu sedekah, Sengih itu happy. XD Masam itu angry bird. A classic way to make bracelets. order kit.
Eye-hand skills. Fun and easy activity.
Make your own colorful homemade  friendship bracelets with the fun kit. A classic way to make bracelets. order kit @ http://www.danshariart.com/shop/index.php/kit//friendship-bracelet-kit.html
Peace, Say No to Lazy, Work smart.
Old school fun craft. Used to make Friendship Bracelet at asrama. Lagi banyak bracelet persahabatan lagi teror lah time tu, color-color. ahahahaa. Memang fun-fun-fun. Friendship bracelet kit / kit gelang persahabatan special for those who like to make one for your best friend. Enjoy!
This Friendship Bracelet Kit designed by Pinkyfrogshop for Danshari Art & Crafts Project.

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