Crochet Kopiah TokmatClan Kufi Hat FREE Pattern

Friday, September 6, 2013
Crochet Kopiah TokmatClan Kufi Hat

It is a brimless, a short fit style, and a rounded cap which you can use it everywhere to cover your hair. We can see a Kopiah (we called it in malay society) or kufi/brim hat usually for a Muslim man. I even improvised a pattern size a little and making this hat for my daughter to cover her hair and it turn out great.

Tok Mat is my late grandfather, A  good muslim, living by example, respect him very much. Adore and dedicate this hat for him. During his life, he likes to wear kopiah like this.

Pattern: Adult Size.
Diagram Pattern:
Click PDF in English and Malay » TokmatClan Kufi Hat.pdf
INFO: Stop row until you reach high of the hat that you want.
For kufi style Usually stop crocheting before you reach ears level.

You can mix yarn color or make it simple, believe in your creativity.

Please let me know how it turn out for you.
This is quick and a great project for your love one.
and this pattern is designed for educational purposes for beginner level crocheter. It’s a free pattern. Happy crocheting.
( =’o’= )

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