Ideas: Milo tin: DIY

Monday, May 4, 2009
This craft project is simply and should cost you less than you buy it from a craft shop. It's fun to do it with your kids too.
You Will Need:
Empty tin
Paint Brush
a sponge brush


1. The first step is to find your old milo tin.
2. Cut out the pictures you hope to use in your decoupage from Internet or magazines or other sources.
3. Paint your tin with your color that you like. After the tin has dried, you're ready to arrange your pictures over the tin.
4. Using a sponge brush, paint a small section of the tin with some of the glue. Than varnish it to make it appear real. If your paper starts to bubble just keep smoothing it down with your fingers or a brush. then overlap it with a glue and varnish it again. Like any other decoupage project, you can overlap the layers of glue and varnish to make a perfectly smooth finished product.

Now your cute milo tin is ready to refill.

note: You can also spice up your decoupage project with other materials such as lace / bead.


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