Ideas: Wall Art for your kitchen : DIY

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have been wanting to put some fine art up on my wall without to pay.

I figure I could probably do it my self and I found an idea to use a recycle item and a good print pictures.

For this project, I want to use it for my kitchen wall. What I need is a scissor, a glue, piece of paper box. and a fine picture where you can find it from internet.

Print the picture and cut the box the same as the size of the picture.
After that, glue the picture and stick it to the paper box.

Once you’ve screwed everything into the wall, there’s not much left to do but hang wall art.

It’s quick and easy to do it, and it’s a cheap way to display the art on your kitchen walls. You can mix and arrange it with your expensive picture art frame.

Using this idea, you can create your kitchen art space too. All the best.


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