Ikan Kembong Tawashi / Fish Tawashi

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Here's another recent tawashi that I made. Ikan Kembong Tawashi / Fish Tawashi. Got a few in my kitchen. My cat, Chiko also watching me hang the tawashi from the outside of the window :). "Ikan salai". But this one is my favorite. Lovely color & easy to use.

Brighten up your kitchen with
this crochet Ikan Kembong Tawashi / Fish Tawashi handmade. 
Pattern : Koinobori Tawashi 
It's a wonderful accent to your kitchen or make a great gift for special friend.

Each item is knitted/ crocheted made with lots of care by Pinkyfrogshop.
Color: 2 color, mix & match.

* PROUDLY MALAYSIAN. Please support local handmade products.

Our kitchen accessories are using a Acrylic Antibacterial Yarn.

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