Kpop SNSD Girls' Generation

Sunday, November 13, 2011
I'm not really a big fan of Kpop music, but I really enjoy listening to their music. SNSD / Girls' Generation is one of my favorite Kpop group.

I made dhiacoco Sunny SNSD,  lookalike crochet visor hat from the music video OH!.

Ada tournament Rugbi persahabatan antara Wildcat vs Ruggers Buster last week. Padang becak.

☞ Pop-pom girl for Wildcat Rugby team looks tired. ㋡
Waiting for kuih donut.

☜ Kawaii des ne.
Enjoy the Vid ☟.

Once upon a time ago, Malaysia pun ada their own Mpop music group. One of the popular group is Feminin. For those who love Feminin music you can go to the Fan link >>
I remember the time when I want to buy that kasut boot itu time raya. Ahak. Me love♩ ♬ Malaysian 90's music. ♩ ♬ The best.

Nanti sambung celoteh lagi.

For Zaraceri special crochet pink rugby headgear. Uncle rugby nak pinjam pon tak boleh. Color tak boleh bla.

Nak pinjam, kena belanja tembikai dulu.

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